Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Made What With WHAT?!

Hey everyone, it's Brie! I am so excited that I get to do a guest post today! I've had a lot of fun finding other people to guest post while Brooke, our marketing coordinator and the girl who normally runs the blog, has been on maternity leave. I was SO excited when she asked me to do a post myself before she left. I thought it'd be a fun opportunity to introduce myself, as you've all seen me sign all the facebook updates for the last little while.

My job for Roberts is seriously my dream job! My "official" title is Graphic Designer. I gave myself the title of Senior Graphic Designer as a joke when I first started, because I'm the ONLY designer, but they put it on my nameplate, so I went with it! haha! (The bossman upgraded me to Creative Master of the Universe, Executive Director recently. But it's not on the nameplate. Yet. ;) I design all of the weekly ads, posters, banners, and anything else printed in the stores. Brochures, signs, discount cards, the rewards cards, etc. etc. I also design the web graphics that change each week on the homepage of the website and the emails that you all sign up for. And I take all the product pictures (you'll see my kids in all the pictures of frames. haha!) They keep me busy, and I love it! I've also had the chance to be in a couple of our youtube videos, and some that we did with Northridge Publishing and Kristine McKay. Those were SUPER fun to do! I am truly lucky to be where I am, working with the people I do. We are friends and family at the office! (So now you know who to blame for typos on the ads. LOL)

It's ME!! (Taken from my "best side" ;)

A lot of you probably don't know, but I have my own blog that I run on the side, Vintage 53. I'd love to see my Roberts friends over there sometime! I just started it a few months ago, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I post tons of random projects and combine it with healthy living/training tips and information. Aside from crafting, healthy living and exercise is a huge passion of mine!

Ok. Enough about me. On to the projects!! There were SO many things I wanted to do for this post. I could not choose between doing a scrapbook project or showing off some jewelry. So I thought. . . let's combine the two! Who knew you could make the CUTEST jewelry pieces with scrapbook supplies?

I made this bracelet by taking a leather bracelet kit from our general crafts section, some Glossy Accents and adhered brads and embellishments by Bo Bunny to it. I'M LOVING IT!

These stunning little chandelier charms were made with SEI scrapbook paper adhered with Glossy Accents to the charms made by 7 Gypsies. They come in a pack full of fun chandelier looking pieces! You could use a jump ring to add some fun silver charms that dangle from the top point of the charm, add it to a chain and you have an amazing, stylish necklace that you would have paid a shameful amount of money for at a boutique. ;) We have brought in the funnest charms and beads from Cousins™ that have arrived at all the stores now. Including SO many different chains and findings!

Onto the earrings!! The gears here came from 7 Gypsies, and the clear beads came from that pack of chandelier pieces. Add some jump rings, done and done. :)

These earrings were probably the most "complicated". And they really weren't all that hard. The pewter rings are also from 7 Gypsies. They came in a pack with a bunch in there, so you could make yourself and all your friends a pair! Take an eyepin, put it through a bead and make a loop of the other end. Add a jump ring, attach the earring part and you're done! (See, really not that complicated. You can do it, I promise.)

These are simply brads from Bo Bunny. I took off the brad part with my beading pliers and used Glossy Accents to attach the earring posts to the back. I LOVE the sayings on them! Laughter and dreams are two of my favorite things! :)

These are all made the same way as the Bo Bunny brads. These are from the Posh collection from Teresa Collins Designs. I got 9 pairs of earrings from ONE pack of brads! Aren't they adorable?

And guess what. All my "backdrops" for these photos are just scrapbook paper. There are SOOO many more things you can do with scrapbook supplies than just scrapbook. Honestly. . . confession time. I have SO many scrapbook supplies and yet I rarely do any actual scrapbooking. haha! I use them for home décor pieces, mixed media artwork and now jewelry!

I hope this post gave you some new ideas and got some creative juices flowing! Next time I'll post some home décor project ideas using scrapbook supplies. Or something equally as fun. ;)

Thanks for reading everyone!! Have an amazing day!