Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PET WEEK - Ornaments - Theresa

This week is PET Week over at Robert's Craft Blog  and some of us Designer's signed up for a full week of PET loving ideas that you can create for your fur babies..
Now I know everyone loves their furry four legged darlings and some of us have furry babies... So my project is a great idea for family and friends with furry babies...or people who just love their pets... I have 4 furry babies at my house Ringo, Chip and Princess Penelope and now Annabella 

Now Annabella doesn't have a ornament as yet..

So here's a cute ornament I made  for each of them... Ringo


Princess Penelope

This is easy to~do just use the bone cut off any of the cricut carts  cut 4 from chip board, cardboard.. what ever you prefer... Glue them all together, stack some books on top too.. Let these dry overnight and make sure you get all edges glue down tight. Cut out your paper choice and glue down too... I inked around the edges to make them look aged... Once all is dry use stickers or cut outs letters for your pets name. I used stickers... remember this is suppose to be an easy project LOL Here the fun part... I used Judikins diamond glaze... Purchase it at Robert's Arts & Crafts to completely cover the cut out and  make sure all of the edges are covered.

Let Dry overnight...(in a safe place) and TADA you have an
almost instant ornament to hang on your tree...
Now you just have to bling it up with a ribbon and bells
Don't you think they came out so adorable... 

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